A different kind of Blow Job

A different kind of Blow Job»

A finger blowjob is similar to a nipple suck or a butt plug. It depends on the partner whether it’s too kinky or not kinky enough.
Turn the game around- Sexual confidence

Turn the game around- Sexual confidence»

Being sexually confident sounds easy, but it can be such hard work...
CAM4 Takes Home New Awards in Romania!

CAM4 Takes Home New Awards in Romania!»

Thank you to AW Summit and all of our members who make CAM4 the Most Innovative Cam Site!
Hot spots to have summer Sex

Hot spots to have summer Sex»

When it comes to lovemaking, there’s nothing sexier than trying something new. Spice things up this season! Say goodbye to the bed in favour of one of these summer hotspots.
For the love of cunnilingus

For the love of cunnilingus»

Cunnilingus has an undeserved reputation of being one of the trickiest sexual acts to perform well.
Why spank you :)

Why spank you :)»

Misconceptions about spanking being the trademark of your local dominatrix leave many believing that this erotic expression is a punishment...Read more
Aphrodisiac cocktails

Aphrodisiac cocktails»

Aphrodisiacs may or may not actually arouse you, but if an oyster is going to make you horny, why not get some with a "gonna get laid" cocktail?
Some tips about the “love button” :)

Some tips about the “love button” :)»

I know all of you already know what a vagina is and how to handle it.But a little practice doesn't hurt. You know they always say, learning is done best with some hands-on experience. Here is a short description
CAM4 interview with sexy: abbymoore1

CAM4 interview with sexy: abbymoore1»

Do you know abbymoore1 ? Get to know her better, in this hot Cam4 interview :)
Sexy lingerie. Yes or No?

Sexy lingerie. Yes or No?»

Most ladies are intrigued by the idea of spicing things up in bed with the help of a sex costume (a.k.a. lingerie) :) Are you?