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A day in the life of UK hottest: Letty Hardwood (bi_sex_cam)

A day in the life of UK hottest: Letty Hardwood (bi_sex_cam)

Ever wondered how is like to spend a day with a CAM4 model? Sexy Letty H shared with us, some of her daily habits. Get to know her better, she is a hottie.

“As soon as i open my eyes in the morning i like to start my day off right an my way of right is with a little play it Puts me in a great mood which helps me tackle the day. But me being me I don’t settle for just one play a day I need multiple.

When I have had a play i get out of bed I have a shower cool shower which is followed by everyone’s norm teeth etc.. i have to then do my moisturizer routine where I do my face an my whole body, when im all dried off i go on to brush and straighten my hair. Always try to look my best. So sometimes I will put a little makeup on which dont take me too long as its minimal and paint my nails.

I have a little routine that i do the same always before every can show as i like to be prepared.. I get ready what outfit or lack of outfit I will be wearing for that specific show, then i get all my toys out ready so they are all to hand. I sit in front of my mirror listening to some tunes while i do my makeup and hair.. i dont use a lot of makeup i dont actually own a lot, i do my eyes, a little blusher an make sure my eyebrows look tidy. Sometimes this does take a while as I am always singing away to the music sometimes dancing depending on the song. When I’m ready I take some saucy selfies to post on my twitter page to advertise the show an give a 10-15 minute warning before going live plus it also givea a little taster of what i will be wearing for the show. I get a drink as most people no the more you talk or moan your mouth tends to go dry.. Then I am finally ready to start my cam4 broadcast

I love to work out, I go to the gym as much as I can staying in there for just over an hour this consists of weights an a little cardio..if I don’t go I will always do squats and stairs at home or go for a nice long walk with my dog. If the weather is nice I am known to go for a bike ride along the canal.

I love spending time with the family going on little outings i also enjoy alone time giving me time to chill and watch movies or listen to music. I do like a wide range of movies can’t beat a good horror or an action film where i get to snuggle up on the sofa with my quilt an veg in my slacks. Not an attractive look granted but no one sees me.

I’m a highly sexed women, I play multiple times through out the day this number has gone up in the past two years ranging between 4 an 8 times a day, this is why I think camming is great for me, because I love to tease not only men but women too, it turns me on so much knowing people are watching and are getting turned on just as much as I am. Sometime I will do two shows throughout the day one in the morning and one in the evening on these days I do break my average amount of times I masterbate.”

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