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Cam4 Interview with kinkycrazy7

Cam4 Interview with kinkycrazy7

Hello beautiful babe, how are you today?

Hey people !  I’m awesome hehe, hope you are awesome too!

Thank you so much for this CAM4 interview

How did you find out about cam4?

On faithful day while I was chilling with my Bf something crazy happened, he stood up and said, let’s be Porn stars and make good money, Naturally I was like, WHAT THE F, we have only been in relationship for like 2months. We worked a couple times in his parents’ house and it was crazy, we got nice number of views, few tokens, a lot of eyes were on me and I got really wet… 1year later, I’m doing this every day he he.

Any embarrassing webcam moments?

I had a show with my Girlfriend nothing special, it was a slow day… But this guy comes and tips like 100tk to finger my nose… yea nose… so I didn’t want to disappoint and like in everything I gave it 101%, When I finished I saw almost all my regular fans in my room that weren’t there at the beginning of fingering… I was so embarrassed but they started laughing and joking about it so It at the end it was fun, but they remember…

What was the one moment on CAM4 that you just knew camming was right for you?

I was very shy girl, still am sometime… I never had sex with the lights on he he. Then Cam4 hit me and opened my sexual horizons. + the first paycheck I got encouraged me to do show nonstop and to never stop enjoying beautiful thing called sex

Has camming changed your sex life? Hornier, less horny, has it improve your sex life?

Definitely hornier… like I said, I was really shy girl. Now I learned to enjoy my body and that girl lick waaaaay better than boys hehe

Do you have any fetish, what’s one you really want to check off?

I always dreamed of being pleasured by more guys but I’m still shy for that… But I will try that one day and it will be awesome!

What’s the hottest thing someone has said to you via CAM4 chat?

Sexiest thing was when one woman came in my room and started playing with me like I’m her slave, it was OMG she made me touch my self like I never touched my self before.

Introduce us to your fav sex toy

Definitely my lush toy I love it when I ride my dildo and someone controls my toy vibrating my clit :3

Have you ever had a threesome? (girls/boys)

Yes I did with boy and girl, they were only focused on me and I melted that day!

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m a Ballroom dancer and my BF is my partner, I think I sing good hehe and I design clothes

Do you have a cam4 crush?

Jflorenaxxx!!! For me she is the perfect girl! And one of my boy fans but it’s a secret

At what age did you lost your virginity

It was right after my 18th birthday

Any advice for new models?

Just survive first few months and always respect yourself and your body. Go on coaching sessions with CAM4 coaches and everything will be great! And most important… SMILE
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