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Cam4 Interview with naughty and nice: divinna1

Cam4 Interview with naughty and nice: divinna1

• Hello beautiful how are you today ?

I’m feeling really good,thank you very much, I’m glad you asked.

• What do you like sexually ?

Well here’s a lot to say but I try to be as short as I can.Everyone knows I’m a passionate woman,very erotic and full of sex-appeal.I like to be treated as a princess coz I am one,kidding,it’s always time for a joke right? Any way what I like the most from a sexual point of view is the prelude.

If the prelude is pitiful, do not expect me to have a successful sex match.

• Are you submissive or dominate ?

Hmm….I think this question is one of the heaviest I never had.To be honest I have not discovered yet but I think I can be both.The people from my room they have told me many times I behave like a domineer maybe because I’m a little bad

so yeah I know how to make people respect my room and last but not least to respect me. So yeah if I want to be a domineer I can,but I prefer to be a submiss just because I like to do what the man wants. You can blame me?

• How often do you masturbate ?

Way too often… haha

• Do you have any fetishes, what’s one you really want to check off?

Let’s start with spanking because that’s what I really tried.

Do you know the movie fifty shade of grey? I want to try something like this.I don’t know if it’s a fetish but what can i say sometimes a girl must be punished. Hahahha . I almost forgot I love feets,my feets.I like my feet to be licked every day if is possible. Hahahaha

• Whats the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done ?

I managed to do it in the elevator.And about masturbation well I did it in a forest near a river,to a library and in a public toilet.

• I hate using the word sexy so often so how would you describe your cam shows in 3 words?

Erotic,funny,dirty 😊

• Has Camming changed your sex life ? Hornier, less hornier ?

Hell yeah. Camming changed my sex life forever. I’m more hornier now,finally I had the courage to watch a porn movie and to admit that without any problem.Before camming I was not into sex like I am right now.I managed doing sex just to be done,now I’m doing this like a pro. So call me a Porn Star. Hahahah

• Do you have a secret cam4 crush ?

Yes ,but I certainly will not tell you the name coz it’s my secret.All i can tell you it’s that : He loves Jim Beam 😊

• Introduce us to your fav sex toy !

Well my favorite sex toy is my butt plug.Is made of metal and has a crystal at the end. Princess till I die…..Muhahahha

• And how can the fans get hold of you ?

Twitter : https://twitter.com/EllaCherryC4

CAM4 : https://www.cam4.com/divinna1

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