Show Ideas- How to Strip Tease

Show Ideas- How to Strip Tease »

A striptease is the perfect way to make your lovers on Cam4 want you even more. To give your users a sexy striptease, all you have to do is prepare with the right clothes and take them off in the most sultry way possible.
Dick Pics with a Twist

Dick Pics with a Twist »

If you’ve ever used a dating app, met someone on it, and chatted to them long enough, it is very probable that you got a nude pic from them at some point.
Tantric Sex: Cam4 Tips

Tantric Sex: Cam4 Tips »

“Tantra is a set of techniques used all over the world to deepen intimacy, increase passion, and communicate in a more open and authentic way.”
My Five Secrets of Giving the Best Head

My Five Secrets of Giving the Best Head »

Want to be giving the best head of his life? Thanks to @cam4_FR we have Anne-Sophie here to share her tried and tested tips to pleasing your partner.
Rimming: The pros & cons

Rimming: The pros & cons »

Rimming, rim jobs, tossing the salad, back door buffet we all call it different names but in the end it all means the same thing: anal play
The beards and moustaches fetish

The beards and moustaches fetish »

Someone with this fetish may only be attracted to those who have facial hair. The amount of facial hair is dependent on the person.

Voyeurism »

Voyeurism is the act of getting aroused from the act of watching a person or group of people engage in erotic or sexual activity. Let's be honest...we all have a little bit of voyeur inside of us.
What type of kisser are you

What type of kisser are you »

Kissing is sexy, sensual and an intimate part of sex and foreplay. Sometimes it’s used to rev things up or to slow things down. Either way kissing is hot!
Watch me baby…

Watch me baby… »

Voyeurism is fun, kinky and soooo visually appealing. Watching your partner can be a HUGE turn on and make you feel as if you have your own private performer.
Keep her kitty wet

Keep her kitty wet »

We all would love if the vagina was always moist and ready for action. The issue could easily be caused by you or your partner not being sexually stimulated enough.