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Enjoy the private show and win 1000 tokens a week!

Enjoy the private show and win 1000 tokens a week!

For the very first time, there is a performer competition in which viewers can participate and win 1000 tokens a week! The competition runs from March 25th to April 7th and there are 3 winners per week to be announced! Token prizes will be awarded to CAM4 viewers who give away the greatest amount of tokens on Private Shows!
There are 3 prizes to win!

1st prize: 1000 tokens
2nd prize: 750 tokens
3rd prize: 500 tokens

How to apply?
1. Register yourself by using the Google Registration form
2. Watch as many private shows as possible.
3. Keep an eye on CAM4 blog and Twitter account for the results. We also contact the winners personally.

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