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Join the Valentine’s Day gift contest and win 2000 Tokens (Closed)

Join the Valentine’s Day gift contest and win 2000 Tokens (Closed)

Hope you had an amazing Valentine’s Day! And here are our 3 winners of our competition

1. kinkyfuckeri

2. Love_spunk69

3. Candy0584

Congrats everyone!!!

It’s not Valentine’s Day on CAM4 without a contest or two. In the third edition of our Valentine’s Day gifting contest there are no less than seven prizes to be won by the CAM4 performers who earn the most tokens from gifts in the Jewellery, Valentine’s Day, Romance, and Sweet Talk categories.


Valentine’s Day
Sweet Talk

How to register

The competition starts on February 1st – February 14th, but you’ll need to register to take part which you can do right now. To sign up, send an email with “Valentine’s Day Gifts” as a subject and your username to cam4_uk@cam4.com or just leave a comment on this blog, with your Cam4 username.

The gifts will be counted from February 1st.

How can I win?

Ask for gifts! Remember when someone sends you a virtual gift you get the token value and the gift for you CAM4 profile, so you might as well ask 🙂 Take advantage of this Valentine’s Day and organise special raffles for your viewers and reward those who send you the most Valentine’s Day gifts. Sell photo sets, videos, or other treats for the price of a Valentine Gift ! Use all your best weapons!


1st $200

2nd $150

3rd $75

Happy Valentine’s Day and let the fun begin!

Rules & Regulations:

1. Only broadcasters with verified Cam4 accounts are allowed to participate

2. The winners will be chosen based on the largest token value of combined Valentine’s Day gifts!

3. No token exchange is allowed among performers.

4. Only broadcasters under UK/AU flag can participate

What are you waiting for?

Comments (19)

  1. Divinna1 says:

    I am so glad to join on this contest! Thank you

  2. Monaslim says:

    I join in this contest too :*

  3. boyhardlover says:

    boyhardlover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yup

  4. Crazy_Aly69 says:

    Heyy thank you all time something new , i m happy for join that !

  5. kinly_office says:

    I join too . I hope to win now 😀

  6. niceboots says:

    We’re in! niceboots

  7. hottyselena says:

    I am happy to participate in this contest

  8. joyduality says:

    sweet idea, near my birthday too! sign me up pls and thank u x

  9. kinkyfuckeri says:

    yay count me in to xoxox

  10. mastermiko says:

    i wanna join in.. user name Mastermiko

  11. Rubbyxxx1 says:

    I m so happy for this contest!! I wait play with all boys, verry hot and sexy show. I wait all boys for see me and play . Kisses ( rubbyxxx1) xoxo

  12. 2.4.U.couple1 says:

    Would love to give it a go

  13. 2.4.U.couple1 says:

    Would love to give it a go eating arsehole

  14. Karen_starr says:

    I’m in! My cam4 username is karen_starr. Thank you!

  15. vanilsexy says:

    I m join

  16. mredenx says:

    Well why not if we still aloud joining lol ..

  17. bi_sex_cam says:

    let see how many i can get

  18. awahl says:

    madeline 69 should be in third place under uk not France plus she didn’t get all the gifts she should have

  19. Madeline95 says:

    Arthur, I participated for France. Dont worry… that is …

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