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The benefits of being a gold member on CAM4

The benefits of being a gold member on CAM4

Gold Membership gives you tons of amazing features that give you a more exclusive, more intimate experience for just £19.99.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get if you become a gold member on CAM4:

1.Private Message Performers

Have something extra-intimate to say? Send it in a PM to keep it just between you two.

Click on their username and choose send message while watching a show to send your PM.

2. Add Fanfare When You Enter A Room

Performers are notified whenever you start watching their show!

3. Watch In Full Screen

Our favourite! Just click the “Full Screen” button on the broadcast window to start watching CAM4 in full screen – see more of the performers you love.

4. Watch Multiple Cams

Can’t decide who you want to watch – watch both! Open CAM4 in a new browser window to watch shows simultaneously. There’’s no limit to how many shows Gold Members can watch at the same time.

5. Use Picture-In-Picture

While in a room, you can click the Users List in chat to see who else is broadcasting. Click the Preview button next to a user that is broadcasting to open picture-in-picture.

Open as many preview cams as you want!

6. Chat With Dozens Of Emoticons

Just click the emoticon button (smiley face) while you’’re in a show to set your chat apart from others and show your mood with 28 fun emoticons.

7. Hide Username In Chat

Select “Hide from User List” from the chat options menu to go incognito in the show. No one will know you’’re there but you.

Check “Apply to all rooms” if you want to remain hidden in every chat.

8. Tip Anonymously

Select “Watch & Tip Anonymously” from the chat options menu to keep your tips private to other viewers. Only the performer will know you’’ve tipped.

Check “Apply to all rooms” if you want to tip anonymously in every show.

9. Chat Live With Customer Service

Click on Live Support in the Help menu to get live help fast from the awesome Customer Service Team at CAM4.

10. Send an exclusive free Gold gift for your favourite performer

Every month you have one Gold Star to gift to anyone you choose. Your Gold Star lasts 30 days, and you’’ll receive a new one at the beginning of every month.

You may keep your Gold Star for your own Display Case, or gift it to your favorite performer.

11.Get Early Access To New Features

Start using new CAM4 features before everyone else. We add new features to the site all the time, so you’’ll be ahead of everyone else with these new features.

You’’ll receive information about new features to your email.


  • No Ads
  • Gold Members enjoy CAM4 completely ad-free. All advertising is removed whenever you are logged in to your CAM4 Account.
  • No Chat-Limits
  • You can chat as much as you want in shows without worrying about being marked as spam.
  • Gold Username In Chats
  • Your gold border is added to your username automatically when you upgrade to gold. Just start chatting in a show to see it shine!
  • Chat Live With Porn Stars

Only Gold Members can chat during Super Shows with the real professional porn stars performing. As long as you’’re signed in to your Gold Membership account you can chat like normal while watching a Super Show. Just click the chat window and say what’s on your mind!

More Search Results

Gold Members can see way more thumbnails while browsing for a show to watch, up to 100 results per page. As long as you’’re signed in to your Gold Membership you’’ll automatically see more results when you’’re browsing for a show.

This Gold is for you? If yes, just click here And become a gold member now on CAM4

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