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Top 5 Sex Positions for Gay couples

Top 5 Sex Positions for Gay couples

Trying new positions is a good way to maintain the passion in your couple. Let`s see some interesting positions for gay couples:


This has many names, but Octopus Wrap is most poignant due to the amount of variations you can have with it. Imagine a typical missionary position, except the bottom’s legs are literally over the top’s head.

This is a great position because it creates an incredible amount of intimacy between you and your man. You can pull at their hair, grab their waist, caress their stomach, stare longingly into their eyes and pound the living daylights out of them.


Ok, imagine the typical Reverse Cowgirl. The top lies on his back while the bottom straddles his meat, facing away from him. Instead of the bottom keeping his knees bent on the bed, he brings his legs out from under him and uses the soles of his feet for balance, while placing his hands on the bed between his partner’s legs. In a sense, the bottom is in a leap frog position facing away from his partner.


Doggy Style doesn’t need to be on all fours, in fact, it’s a lot more exciting when it’s not because it allows for more creativity in the moment of passion.

If the bottom is bent over, with his two feet planted firm on the ground and his hands placed on something that is waist high, the top can easily hit his spot if coached correctly. This position is super simple and requires a bit of flexibility, not to mention it allows for deeper digging.

To spice things up, the bottom’s leg can be lifted up on the table which will give the top more to grab and spank. Another idea is to lose the table all together and bend all the way to the ground in a downward dog position. Woof!


A chair can probably be one of the best props you can ever invest in for your love life. With so many positions to choose from, the balance of power that a chair can bring is sure to turn anyone on.

The Straddle is the most popular one, because it has so many variations. It can be done either facing each other or facing away, but as long as the top has a firm grip, it will always lead to heavy thrusting and deep ramming.


If you love to cuddle, this is the perfect position for you. This is when both of you are lying side by side (as if you were spooning) while being pounded.

It comes with many possibilities. The bottom can lift his leg, the top can wrap his arms around the bottom, or the bottom can grab the top’s leg and pull it in for deeper diving.

And because I`m probably the naughtiest person you ever know…here`s a tip that will definitely spice things up in your relationship.

Give your man a surprise front sit BJ. It`s sexy, fun, full of adrenaline and most of all, your man will be impressed by the fact that you took initiative, especially in a moment when he didn`t expect you to. And for sure you will get your reward later.

Sounds great, isnt`t it?

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