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Vote for Cam4 at AVN Awards!

Vote for Cam4 at  AVN Awards!

Your favorite Cam4 performers are nominated for 2018 AVN Award show, so its your turn to help and vote for them!

This year, the AVN Awards are held in Las Vegas, Nevada!

If you want to help them, you have to create an account on AVN, and that’s it! You can start voting for your favorite Cam4 performer.

Here are the nominations!

Favorite Cam Girl:

Favorite Cam Guy

Favorite Camming Cosplayer

Favourite Camming Couple

Want to help these performers out? Go to AVN website and VOTE!

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  21. We meet at fleet feet and then walk over to the soft ball fields forannouncements, then we take off. So far I’m liking it. The people seem nice. It was my 2nd run with them because of my calf injury. I missed the last 2 weeks worth of group runs. How do you like CARA?

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  30. I’ve always wondered if Amanda’s “Blue Mountain” was Blue Mountain, MS. It has a small Baptist women’s college where you can get a degree in things like teaching and nursing and music, but when I was a girl had a reputation of being pretty much a finishing school (maybe still does, I don’t live in the area any more.)

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  54. I miss you and Rose! She is so full of color and life, perfect for you =) I would love to hear more about how you got to where you are now. I still am unsure where to find that motivation, and the peace without food. I totally agree with a life long change, that really is the only way to get healthy and remain that way…I just haven’t been able to push through, to conquer.

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  60. I am a little lost on how you use Ergun Caner’s comment to support your claim… I listened to it and do not follow how it illustrates your point… He is basically saying that what condemned Esau was not God, but rather his own sin… Perhaps you misheard Ergun’s comment, and certainly might want to find the rest of the sermon for context. That little excerpt is like what MSNBC uses to slander someone with little regard to the context. I think that if we are going to throw names into the pot, we should be very careful…

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  91. Russell – enjoy that brother. It goes too fast.Mary – Those were my words exactly. All of our training wheels are broken too so it’s learn to ride or don’t ride at all. Good point on watching them get back up on their own.Clay – Probably the more loaded words in the english language…”let go dad”. I’ll swing by Sams Club tonight and get some bulk TP

  92. Funniest part of the race for me was the guy next to Rod on the start line saying, "you surely win the prize for oldest bike in the race!" Referring of course to his beautiful custom steel frame built in 2009.

  93. Free Speech YouTube/Google? Obviously only when your pocketbook isn't involved. You have absolutely no problem censoring Google in China!!! Oh, but then again, you make money from that! I guess if terrorist videos cost you money, you wouldn't be so quick to fly the "free speech" flag.Bottom Line: choose a policy and stick to it!

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  106. Te robo la foto, sin tu permiso… Porque yo tampoco acato, y como no acato, ataco… pacíficamente, con la sola ayuda de las palabras y de las razones, pero ataco. Días triste, uno más, Rafa. Por supuesto yo hace tanto que ya no creo en la justicia española…

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