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What is SESTA ?

What is SESTA ?

The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) is a United States bill introduced by the Senat.

SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers) legislation is meant to crack down on sex trafficking done on the Internet.

What does SESTA mean for the internet?


Unfortunately, we are seeing a good number of websites removing content from their platforms because they are afraid the new law may make them liable for someone who posts user-generated content that includes something the government may characterize as sex trafficking.

Keep your content safe by sharing it on appropriate platforms like CAM4 My Shop. Content creators have been using Project Maenad to transfer video files.


As everyone knows, CAM4 is against any form of oppression or exploitation including sex trafficking. Given that this new law may affect the Communications Decency Act, we remind you that it is forbidden to arrange or advertise meet-ups via CAM4.


Microsoft does not allow nudity or offensive language to be shared via Skype, and doing so may result in your account being banned. Keep your content safe by sharing it on appropriate platforms like as CAM4 through Private Shows on CAM4 or My Shop video uploads.

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